The Thoughtful Politics Photo Booth

a collaboration with Leah Tumerman

What is the Photo Booth?

The Thoughtful Politics Photo Booth is a tiny room, constructed to provide visitors a moment for reflection and consequential proclamation.  We understand that value-based, non-violent expressions can be a challenge in times of political division and turmoil.  We know that it often feels like you need some sort of special education or VIP pass to engage in conversations as complicated as those surrounding Executive Orders or the Branches of Government. We also believe that speaking up and taking a stand are of great importance.  That both catharsis and connection are positive bi-products of sharing (or wearing) one’s feelings.  By conjuring language, and crafting a space for both privacy and documentation, we hope to inspire and facilitate activism.  

Where does the Photo Booth live?

The TPPB can be installed in public space or at private events, and is especially effective at Fundraisers.  Please connect with us if you’d like a Thoughtful Politics Photo Booth near you.  

Does it cost money to use the Photo Booth?

No, not usually.  The photo booth is connected to wi-fi , enabling participants to text or email photos from the booth to their personal devices at no cost. If you are interested in a version of the TPPB including photo-printing capacity, this is possible with an additional installation fee.  Tee-shirts featuring TPPB signature thoughts and feelings are available for purchase.  A 20% donation will be made on the proceeds of each tee-shirt sale.  Please inquire about our recipient organizations. 

Who’s behind the booth?

We are artists.  We make objects that look a lot like art, and also stuff like this photo booth.  Thank you for participating in our work, our favorite thing on Earth.